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Welcome to a financially secure future

At Serafina Wealth Management, you’re more than just a client, and that’s why we’re here. To offer you not just financial solutions but to invite you into a partnership built on trust, understanding and personal attention.


We understand that managing finances can be complex, so whether you’re striving to save for a rainy day, tackle debt, grow your wealth, or protect what you’ve already worked hard for, our approach is tailored to where you are now and where you want to be.

The team and I can support you with:

Retirement Planning & Tax Minimisation

Transition into your golden years with a plan that feels like a celebration of your life's work.

Wealth Accumulation

Together, we'll navigate the path to growing wealth through superannuation and smart investments.

Wealth Protection

Your hard-earned wealth deserves protection, and we're here to help safeguard your financial position. Peace of mind that all will be ok should the unforeseen happen is priceless.

Cash Flow & Debt Management

We’ll assist you in taking charge of your cash flow and whittling away debt.

Estate Planning

Ensure your legacy is preserved and your loved ones are looked after with thoughtful estate planning.

Who we’re here to help

Our doors are open to individuals and families from all walks of life and income levels, especially those recovering from financial setbacks or who have previously put their financial needs last. If you’re facing one of life’s major transitions – whether that’s the last leaving the nest, divorce or the passing of your loved one; you are never alone. We’ve been there, too, and we specialise in supporting clients through difficult times when money stress is at its peak.


We’re here for the dreamers, the doers, and everyone in between who values financial independence and is prepared to explore a wide range of options to get there. Whether it’s budgeting and saving, investing, or retirement planning, let us help find your best way to a strong financial future.

In short, if you’re serious about managing your money well, you’re the right type of client for us!

The Serafina Way of Doing Things

1. Getting to Know You

Your journey is unique. We start by hearing your story to build a foundation of mutual trust. Our relationship is only just beginning.

2. Setting Your Goals
We’ll help you outline your financial goals for the near and further future.
3. Strategic Analysis and Research
Drawing on our years of expertise, we’ll pinpoint strategies that align with your goals and move you closer to them.
4. Statement of Advice
Receive personalised advice and a tailored plan that’s as unique as you are.
5. Implementation
The talk becomes the walk as we bring your financial plan to life, turning strategies into action.
6. Ongoing Review & Service
As life evolves, so will your plan. Regular reviews ensure it always serves your best interests no matter how your lifestyle and goals may change.
7. Confidence and Peace of Mind
Sit back and relax, knowing your financial well-being is our top priority. No more panic or overwhelm; you can trust in a secure and fruitful future.

Why Choose Serafina Wealth Management as Your Wealth Partner?

Because we’re not just another faceless financial institution. At Serafina Wealth Management, people matter most, so you’ll find everyone in our team is real, trustworthy and approachable. We take the time to understand your financial goals and dreams; we’ll address your questions and fears, and then we’ll craft an approach that works for you. Plus, you’ll have us by your side, providing ongoing support and priceless advice.

Personalised attention

Unlike larger firms, you’ll have a dedicated advisor who genuinely cares about you. No more revolving doors; you’ll feel seen, heard, and valued.

Your goals, our priority

Your financial plan is a reflection of you, and so you’ll never get just any old generic advice. It will be your needs and vision that guide us from the beginning.

Industry myths debunked

Don’t be swayed by the common misconceptions that you don’t need a financial plan or that an advisor will take care of it all, so you don’t have to do anything. The truth? Quality advice that addresses your needs and goals always improves your position. We’re committed to setting you on a course for real, positive financial change.

Our promise to you

Our clients often come to us feeling stressed and anxious, with no clear vision for their financial future. But after working with us, they leave with peace of mind and a solid plan to move forward.

But don't take our word for it. Please read what our clients have to say.

Is it time to make your financial future the priority it should be?

Don’t let confusion and anxiety about money matters overshadow your life and hold you back from chasing dreams. Join us at Serafina Wealth Management to experience the power of personalised financial advice you can trust.

Book a complimentary meeting with us today, and take the first step towards a future where your financial dreams are within reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we’re all about helping you thrive. Our service offerings include financial planning, wealth management, retirement strategy, and insurance planning – all tailored to fit your life perfectly.
We welcome everyone! Our clients come from all walks of life, each with their own financial stories. Whether navigating a rough financial patch, dreaming of a relaxed retirement, or just aiming to manage your money better, we’re here to guide you.
Certainly! Cathy Irwin, our founder, brings empathy and expertise to financial planning. With a Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning) and over 15 years in the field, plus meeting all regulatory education requirements, Cathy’s well-equipped to be your financial ally.
Let’s talk about it over a cup of coffee. Our fees vary based on what you need from us. We’re transparent and upfront about costs, and our initial chat is a great time to discuss this.
While we respect the privacy of our clients and don’t share personal details, you can definitely feel the love from client testimonials on our website. They’re a window into the Serafina Wealth Management experience.
We start by listening – really listening – to your story. Then, we craft a personalised plan to set you on the path to your goals. As life changes, we adjust your plan, always keeping your dreams in focus.
Think of us as your financial friends. Our approach is all about understanding your whole financial picture and creating bespoke advice that’s as unique as you are.

We recommend a yearly catch-up to review your plan, but we’re flexible. Some clients prefer more frequent check-ins, and we’re happy to accommodate them, especially if a life change moves the goalposts.

Your privacy and trust is a big deal to us. We employ strict security protocols to keep your personal details safe and sound.
We hope you’ll love working with us, but we understand if things change. You’re free to end our partnership anytime, no strings attached.
If you have more questions, it’s important to have them answered before working with any financial planner. It’s a big decision you’re making, and at Serafina Wealth Management, we’re here to ensure all your queries are addressed. Just reach out and ask; we’re all ears!