About Cathy

Your partner in success

Welcome to Serafina Wealth Management, a financial planning firm that prioritises your financial well-being, dreams, and aspirations. Founded by Cathy Irwin, our services go beyond mere financial planning to create a journey of financial security, peace of mind, and life fulfilment.


Cathy’s journey into financial planning began in her early life. Having experienced first-hand the stresses of financial insecurity during her childhood, she realised the profound impact financial stability could have on a person’s overall well-being. The determination to prevent others from experiencing such stress became her driving force. She resolved to equip herself with the knowledge and expertise necessary to help others navigate the often complex world of financial management.


With a blend of personal experiences and professional credentials, Cathy founded Serafina Wealth Management. Here, she brought her profoundly ingrained sense of consistency into practice, believing firmly in an environment where rules are clear, applied equally, and everyone has an even chance to show their worth. As a client beautifully stated, “With Cathy, every step is explained, every question is answered, and every decision is mutual – there’s a consistency and balance that brings about trust.

Cathy’s unique ability for empathy, an understanding that transcends the barriers of diverse financial situations, has won the hearts of many clients. She feels what you feel, thus creating a bond that her clients cherish. 


Cathy’s ability to understand our financial concerns and aspirations is like no other. It’s this empathy that makes us feel understood and safe” quotes one of our long-term clients.


As someone who values Responsibility, Cathy takes psychological ownership of everything she commits to, a trait that clients admire. This sense of responsibility, combined with her Developer trait, allows her to see the potential in others, challenge them, and devise experiences that help them grow.


Lastly, her Relator trait shines brightly in the way she builds relationships. Cathy encourages genuine, deep connections, a quality beautifully reflected in a testimonial: 

Cathy doesn’t just provide financial advice; she is a trusted companion who understands us and walks with us in our financial journey.”

Cathy’s journey and her unique strengths of empathy, consistency, responsibility, development, and relationship-building encapsulate the ethos of Serafina Wealth Management. We aim to make your financial planning journey an experience of personal growth, genuine understanding, and fulfilling success.

Join us and experience the Serafina Wealth Management difference, where Cathy and our dedicated team guide you towards a prosperous and secure future.