We are very grateful to the advice and care provided by Cathy especially during Bonnie’s cancer journey. Cathy followed up with the insurance company for Bonnie’s temporary salary continuance claim and guided us through the claim and paperwork while Bonnie recovered from her operation and chemotherapy. Cathy was also able to set Michael up on his path to retirement which has since happened.
We are both thankful Cathy for your genuine, professional care and attention

Michael & Bonnie

Michael & Bonnie Innisfail FNQ

Cathy has been our financial advisor for the last 6 years. In that time, she led us into organising our personal and business financial affairs, including personal insurances for Trauma (Critical Illness), Total & Permanent Disability, Life, and Income Protection. As a small electrical company (which is basically my husband and myself), our business relies on my husband and his skills to carry out the services we provide, and therefore provide our own income needs. 4 years ago, we had a very serious situation when my husband had a major heart attack. Immediately, Cathy was onto the insurance companies to commence Critical Illness and Income Protection claims, to ensure we were looked after financially. We know Cathy fought very hard for us to ensure that we were looked after right from the get-go. As a result of the claims, we were provided a lump sum payout for the Trauma cover and monthly income protection payments until Kevin was able to get back on the tools. This enabled not only the medical expenses to be covered, but also our household expenses, which gave us the time to focus on Kevin’s full recovery. Since that time, we have been able to continue with the business and the cover, which is absolutely vital to our security and future planning needs. Cathy is extremely thorough and a very patient woman (as I'm not the quickest to respond to her email requests) and we have been ever so grateful for all the hard work she puts in, on our behalf. We would highly recommend Cathy to anyone in any stage of life, to look after their financial planning needs.

Julie O'Sullivan

We engaged Cathy from Serafina Wealth Management as our financial planner not long after we married. We had both been widowed several years earlier, and had been left with a chaotic financial tangle and vastly depleted resources, including mounting personal debt. Cathy calmly and capably tamed a messy self managed super fund and moved us to a better performing managed fund, she helped us with a budget and set us on a path where we are now debt free, have savings, growing superannuation funds and other investments. She has been the voice of calm, wisdom and reason, and for this we are immeasurably grateful, we recommend her unreservedly.

Tim & Fiona G

I've worked with Cathy for approx 5 years. She has helped me with my superannuation, personal insurance and budget. Cathy is a warm, friendly and welcoming person and these qualities instantly make you feel at ease and feel safe in her presence. This was so important for me, especially being a little scared and embarrassed to really talk about finances but she never judged or made me feel bad for being in the situations I was in. Cathy made the whole process so easy. She explained everything to me, making sure that I fully understood everything and my options. Cathy has a genuine care for your financial well-being, she has your best interest in mind and I highly recommend working with her.

Jaimie Simon

Cathy's expertise and professional approach made navigating the complex world of investment destinations, return on investment and personal finances, simple. She listened to my goals, worked with me to develop a personal investment plan designed to maximise return and used simple language so I could understand my options and choices. She is responsive to requests and a very good communicator. I feel safe with her and trust her advice implicitly.

Jane Dillon

When choosing a Super Fund you need to feel that your investment is safe and well managed. Cathy has our confidence. We have worked together for some considerable time. We have put out trust in Cathy as she is very well educated in all aspects of the super industry . Highly recommend her. Cheers

Annette White and Mel Young

The most important thing is to have someone to handle and look after your Super, who you feel comfortable with and trust. More than anything else, is to have more of a personalised involvement with it. I have a small business as a sole trader and operate in the same way, it’s good to be connected with your clients in a personal way. I am very happy with how it’s all shaping up and definitely recommend Cathy Irwin and Serafina Wealth Management to look after this side of things. That way I can focus on my work with peace of mind. Thanks again

Trevor Weire

I am very happy to recommend Cathy to anyone considering using Cathy as their Financial Advisor. I have known and used Cathy for several years. During this time I have received sound advice which has indeed saved me from financial loss. I have found her at all times to be empathetic and also sympathetic to my financial situation. I have found her to be prompt and professional in all her dealings with me.

Merrill Walters

I’d just like to thank the team at Serafina Wealth Management, particularly Cathy Irwin. Over the past six months Cathy has helped me deal with a sensitive and difficult insurance issue. Nothing has been too much trouble and as I work unusual hours she has always made herself available. Through open communication and a persistent mindset she has successfully resolved the issues which has then enabled me to move forward with peace of mind. Regards

Bruno Scarcella

My husband and I were first introduced to Cathy back in 2018 through the planning firm we were working with. We worked with Cathy over the following years and found her to be so understanding and easy going with us. We felt she just blended with us. We were devastated when Cathy moved on from the firm, as her services and advice were always of high quality. Since reconnecting at Serafina Wealth Management, we have again been receiving high quality service, as Cathy and the team go above and beyond to assist us and our financial planning requirements. She has been a God send and the best decision we made was to continue with our service arrangement.

Jason & Jodie Gibbins.

Serafina Wealth Management has been such an easy transition for us. From downsizing and heading into retirement it was such a great relief to have someone like Cathy Irwin to guide us, explain simply what we need to do and how our Super and finances would be securely and safely set up. Her knowledge and finger on the pulse of the financial side of things is impressive. Keeps you in the know and updated. Easy to talk to and answer any questions. Peace of mind with access to our finances and seeing what is happening, plus the communications was excellent and totally recommend contacting this lady and getting her to guide and advise you into your next stage of life and finance.

Neil & Joy Sargood

Cathy from Serafina Wealth Management has been looking over our finances for the last several years. Over that time Cathy has been nothing but professional and prompt with every action and so much care taken to ensure our needs are met. I can honestly say she’s like a dog with a bone when it comes to fighting on your behalf for the best outcome in any situation you may face with finances, insurances and income protection. Myself and my husband highly recommend her services and we will continue for many years. We have come to enjoy the safety and comfort of knowing that that side of our lives is well taken care of.